Hey, I'm Lore - family photographer, mother & wife.

My passion for photography started a long time ago, probably more than 16 years ago now. That passion became a full-time job almost 8 years ago and I am so grateful for each and every one of my clients that I had over the years. I am more than honoured to be able to capture these memories for your family and I promise that I will do my very best with each one of you.

My heart is divided between two styles - the classic style where I try to capture you in a more traditional way, and then the lifestyle where I concentrate on the emotions and feelings between you and your family. Two very different styles but both tickle my creativity in different ways. The classic style brings me joy because of its stunning impact. These shoots are done in my studio in Northampton. The lifestyle shoots are a part of me, natural, simple, but with such a big emotional impact. They can be done in my lifestyle set-up at the studio or they can be done outdoors, where we can enjoy the nature while capturing those giggles, tiny feet, parents holding their kids and so on.

I truly believe that regardless of what style fits you best or what photographer you work with, you should always consider a family photo session. At the end of the day, these memories are all that we have from these precious moments.

When I'm not photographing, I spend time with my daughters - the joy of motherhood with all the tantrums, princesses, paw patrols and silly words coming out of their mouths is real! I do try to take photos of them as often as I can. Don't you go on thinking that just because I'm a photographer we have the easiest photo sessions! There is no photo session without tears, drama and sweat...

Usually from me!

I love spending time outdoors, I have an allotment where I planted only flowers and we also have 12 cute chickens, because what can be better than chickens as pets? Just wait for all the photographs of my daughters with them!

About my Studio

This is my studio, the space where the magic is created. Well equipped with props, costumes, wraps for babies and little kids, but also over 40 outfits for mothers or mothers-to-be.

Kind words


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"Best photographer in town 🙂 Her studio is very nice and cozy, she has very nice dresses for moms and the baby girls. Very easy to communicate with, very friendly and very professional.
We had two photo sessions with her already and looking forward for more."

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